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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an effective postcard design is worth a thousand new clients.  And the design of your postcard is just as important in getting good results as having a good mailing list.  There are definite rules that need to be followed when designing a postcard to maximize your return.  Otherwise your direct mail postcard will very likely end up in the trash with the rest of the unread mail.  
So… why a postcard mailer?
The postcard is visible to your prospect, the mailman, and anyone who sees it lying around. It's are like mini-billboards.  It's a highly cost-effective way of reaching your targeted prospects.  
Ultimate Postcard Experts has developed the perfect direct mail postcard for you.  It's been developed to get the reader to pick up the phone and call your office.  

Geographic Exclusivity - the program is set up to allow one provider per area on a first come basis.

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