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Understanding How LipoMelt Works

Millions of Americans struggle with their weight and body image. People want to look slimmer, feel more attractive, and regain the body they had twenty or thirty years ago. Unfortunately, diet and exercise aren't always enough. It's difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat, and problem places don't always respond to targeted exercise. Fortunately, the LipoMelt system was developed as a tool to help address many of these issues.

Red Light Therapy

You've probably heard of red light therapy before. It's often touted as a breakthrough for treating sagging skin, wrinkles, and acne. Although it has been shown to have success in these areas, they're not the only applications of red light therapy. Red light therapy may also provide assistance with fat loss and weight loss.

Red light therapies like LipoMelt use a diode that emits a specific wavelength or wavelengths of light. In the case of LipoMelt, these are 630 nm and 880 nm. These wavelengths are used specifically to aid in targeting adipocytes, which you may be familiar with as fat cells.


One of the major benefits of using light therapy is that it's non-invasive. The light is used to focus energy and heat into key areas of the subject's body. This penetrates several millimeters. Although that might not seem like much, it's sufficient to affect fat cells stored in the body. Over a 15-20 minute period, the light heats up fat cells. In turn, this causes the fat cells to release their stored fat. The fat is then made available for the body to use as fuel.

Unlike some of the modalities in the marketplace, there is no destruction of the fat cells. In fact, everything about these lights is inherently healing and no worry of fat cells reappearing in unsightly places or adverse effects like tingling or pain. The lights emit a nice warmth and invariably your clients will fall asleep during treatment.

Weight Loss

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that losing fat can aid with weight loss. This is one of the major reasons that people are so excited about LipoMelt. For many people, tackling body fat can be incredibly challenging. Even with diet and exercise, sometimes stubborn areas persist. Losing those last few pounds can seem like a chore. Previously, many people believed liposuction was the only option. With a non-invasive treatment like LipoMelt, people have another choice.

Fat Reduction

When people first start tackling weight loss, they often lose a lot of water weight. This can get them really excited and make them very happy with their initial results. Unfortunately, reality soon sets in, and they realize their weight loss has plateaued. Losing belly fat or thigh fat isn't nearly as easy as sweating away water weight. Getting rid of body fat becomes another challenge altogether. Red light therapy is one way to fight body fat without spending hours at the gym.

Latest Technology

No one is stunned by the fact that laser technology has gone mainstream. Red light therapy has shown a lot of promise, and lasers have been used medically for many years. Using lasers to fight fat cells is simply the latest technology being used in a new and innovative way.

LipoMelt is a fantastic treatment option to aid with eliminating fat and encourage weight loss. If you want to provide your clients with this amazing weight loss solution, you should speak with the experts at Ultimate Light Therapy to learn more about the LipoMelt system today.


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