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Red Light Therapy: An Overview

Red Light and near-infrared light may be the key to many health improvements. Over 3,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies illustrate health and anti-aging benefits from red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy. Red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy can be used to boost fat loss, reduce signs of aging, decrease aches and pains, and help with damaged nerve endings. It can supplement services offered by chiropractors, wellness centers, acupuncturists, weight-loss centers, spas, and nutritionists. Ultimate Light provides a red light therapy overview to help you understand how the therapy works.

How the Therapy Works

The highest visible light spectrum and the longest wavelength is red light, emitting a wavelength of 635 nm. Most wavelengths of light aren't able to penetrate the skin, but red and near-infrared light can emit wavelengths deep into the skin. These wavelengths activate the mitochondria within the cells, increasing energy production. More energy inside the cells of tissue or an organ makes it work at a higher level.

Fat Reduction

Red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy break down fat cells, releasing the contents into the bloodstream, where they are eliminated. The therapy gets rid of fat in places like the waist and thighs. The procedure is a great alternative to liposuction.

Six pads are placed on the body, the procedure is painless, and sessions last only 10 to 20 minutes. Ultimate Light uses more light energy than its competitors, its microchip system has a higher absorption rate than laser therapy, and its device is easy to operate. A red light therapy device makes a great addition to a fitness or weight-loss center.


Microchip-based technology generates beams of red or near-infrared light that increases the production of collagen and elastin. The result is a reduction of wrinkles in the skin, a firmer face, fewer blemishes that come from aging and exposure to the sun, and a decrease in sagging skin under the chin. Your fitness clients may get the results they want without undergoing a facelift.


A system of microchips produces concentrated beams of energy for relief of aching joints and muscles. Some people report a reduction in pain, an increase in range of motion, and shorter healing times. It's a safe and natural way to get relief from back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and other conditions. Combine the therapy with exercise and good diet habits, and your clients may heal quicker than they expect.


Some of your fitness clients may suffer from neuropathy, a disease affecting peripheral nerves. The condition is often caused by diabetes. Medical treatment focuses on pain management, which may mean injections or prescription drugs. Red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy energize the mitochondria to accelerate healing of the nerve endings.

Overall Health of Fitness Clients

Red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy can be used to supplement programs that emphasize weight loss, healthy food choices, and regular exercise. If you're a nutritionist or own or operate a wellness center, weight-loss center, or spa, red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy can make a great addition to the services you provide your clients. Since there are no side effects or recovery time following a session of red light therapy and infrared light therapy, the therapy can be incorporated into the other services you provide your client.

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