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Choosing the Right Device for Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy devices are being used by people for many reasons including treating acne and other skin issues. By using these devices, you can repair what's going on and provide this care to your customers. However, before you decide on what kind of professional red light therapy equipment you want, you should take a few things into account.

The Therapy Itself

You may have heard someone ask, "Does red light therapy work?” The answer to that is yes. Red light devices work on the body to help lessen the effects of various issues such as hair loss, skin discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. It’s even been shown to reduce wrinkles. When you use a red light therapy device, specific light wavelengths are utilized to treat the skin. It can help decrease pain and increase overall strength. Meanwhile, it also helps the body become more responsive to exercise, helping people lose more weight faster.

LED Is Great

When compared to normal lasers, LEDs tend to be better for red light therapy. This is because the light rays come out in a better format. Specifically, the light itself is defused, allowing it to go out in a broader area. Regular lasers tend to keep the light extremely focused, causing the light to be more centralized to a single area. At the same time, you also need to make sure the device that you're using is powerful enough. It must be able to penetrate through fat cells. You might find that LEDs are included with some of the best red light equipment for professionals.

More LED Light for More Coverage

Red light therapy is only enhanced by having more powerful devices. The whole goal is to get the skin and fat under control. With more power and more lights, the job can be accomplished far better. Just as LEDs diffuse the light better than lasers, having more lights allow you to cover more surface area during each therapy session. This is great if you're looking to offer red light therapy as an effective service to your customer base.

Good Combination

Besides the fact that you can actually see it, red light is might be better than using infrared light in this kind of therapy. Infrared light isn't necessarily as effective as red light. For example, when it comes to draining fat cells of their contents, red light does a better job. However, infrared light does a great job of helping you deal with stretch marks. So, the ideal device for you probably uses a combination of both infrared and red light. With these two kinds of light, your customers can get some of the best red light therapy.

Healing Factor

The equipment that you use should be specifically designed to help heal the body. Otherwise, you might find yourself wasting time, money, and energy on a device that doesn't do what you want it to do. Remember, when used properly both red and infrared light can help the body heal, allowing it to look far better. Moreover, these devices can do more than help everyone feel great. They're also designed to help you deal with issues such as arthritis.

From the United States

Believe it or not, where you get your red light therapy devices from can impact your experience. For example, when it comes to customer service, buying from a US-based company might provide you better customer service. Even if you’ve used the devices frequently, you can't be sure when you might need a little bit more help. Think of customer service as being another form of insurance for your devices. It might even save you from having to buy a new device when you run into unexpected issues.

The Device for You

As a recap, the red light therapy device for you should do more than simply emit rays of red light. It needs to deliver consistent results for your clients and have enough power for the ultimate efficacy. Ultimate Light has replaced the traditional LED which are manufactured in China with an all new high intensity LED made in Germany and delivers more power than any of the modalities in it's class in the marketplace today. Consider contacting Lipo-Melt Technologies about getting a red light therapy device that helps your clients look and feel great!


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